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The Revolution series of printers are the ONLY filament based printers that can output injection mold quality prints.

The maximum quality settings for the Revolution series allow printing of objects with equivalent quality to first run injection molds. The maximum quality setting limits the speed of the printer to 50mm/s at 50 micron layer height so prints are not fast, but if you have the time, the quality is unmatched, even besting many SLA (stereolithography) printers.

The CNC machined and laser cut frame, precision linear motion components and our exclusive X-Truder all combine to allow unprecedented registration between layers and control of extruded filament. For the first time, what you see is what you get!

The Revolution series are also able to output quality prints at high speed. The rigidity of the Revolutions and the exceedingly lightweight extruder allow high speeds besting those by all other filament based printers on the market.

With standard 'set it and forget it speeds' of 150mm/s at great quality levels, for once, your printer can keep up with your workflow. *Requires Swapping to Included All Metal Hotend Barrel*

Speeds as high as 500mm/s are achievable by experienced 3D printer operators ONLY with very tightly dialed in settings which are based on your unique work environment. You will not be able to reliably print at those speeds from day one and they do require careful thought to minimize quality loss.

***High speeds (above 150mm/s) require temperatures that will normaly burn plastic if left in the nozzle for more than 1 second. High speed prints should only be attempted by advanced users, willing to experiment and possibly cause permanently clogged nozzles and user serviceable problems.

Without its industrial quality frame, the Revolutions wouldn't be able to achieve the same quality and speed in printing.

The exterior frame consists of laser cut stainless steel panels sandwiched with 1/4" thick black acrylic for a great look and for sound and vibration dampening.

The frame is bolted together with all stainless steel hardware going into CNC machined aluminum blocks. The unique Vesuvio build surface is supported by a billet aluminum platform heated by a silicone rubber heater which ELIMINATES warping WITHOUT a heated chamber.

All wiring for the printer is inside custom cable carriers for moving parts or Techflex style sleeving with heatshrunk and soldered connections.

The Revolution XXL is the Biggest Professional Grade Printer at a Consumer Price Point! The Build Area is ~ 15x14x14 Inches!

Go big or go home, the RXXL is HUGE! The Revolution XXL is a professional quality, fully assembled and factory calibrated high performance filament based 3D printer, in fact, it bests the competition in print quality and speed, hands down.

When doing research for 3D printers, there are always three factors that must weigh in on your choice, price, speed and quality. How about getting all three?

Speed: The Revolutions are the fastest filament based printers on the market (when used by advanced users). Even at our 'set it and forget it' ie 'Normal settings, they still best the competition with elapsed print times 3 to 7 times faster than the industry standard in most tests.

Quality: If you are willing to wait, you can print inejction mold quality parts in ABS that are dimensionally accurate. Even when the speed is bumped to 'Normal' there is very little reduction in print quality.

Price: The Revolutions are completely precision CNC machined... EVERY mechanical component. They can reach speeds allowing prints in minutes not hours and they can acheive quality unmatched in consumer level 3D printing. (see below for more info) ...for $2499 you can't go wrong. Save money, print faster, print better.

The Revolutions are optimized for ABS and Nylon printing with included Vesuvio heated build plate at very high speeds and high quality. With the standard PTFE lined barrel a wide variety of prints including, PLA, Nylon, ABS, PET, PVA and anything else you can throw at it up to 250c and 150mm/s.

This is a fully assembled, factory calibrated 3D printer, high performance 3D printer, professional level; experience in 3D printing is recommended.




Q3D tests EVERY printer before it ships. There are no less than 10 different printing tests that take place in order to ensure perfect output at our factory and high speed printing capability. Please note that while we guarantee the printer from our factory, confirmation in calibration and minor adjustments due to your unique environmental conditions and shipping impacts may be required for proper operation and/or maximum print quality. While the Revolution series can produce unmatched print quality and extremely high speeds, they are only achievable reliably by a very experienced 3D printer operator, your results may vary. We encourage you to download the calibration and basic operating instructions before purchasing this printer; advanced printing at high quality levels and speeds require changing out the stock PTFE lined filament barrel for the included all metal barrel, which does require mechanical aptitude and some common tools.


Assembled printers that are used, connected electrically or mechanically or otherwise affected will not be eligible for refund. Only brand new, unused, unaffected printers will be eligible for refund within 30 days of receipt less a 20% restocking fee.

Further reading RETURN POLICY

Q3D guarantees all mechanical and electrical components for ASSEMBLED printers a period not exceeding 90 days of receipt. If you have received an assembled printer with defective components within the 90 day warranty period please contact us by issuing a SUPPORT TICKET. The component must be deemed defective by Q3D in order to receive a replacement.

-Q3D Team


  General Printing

  Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication

  Build Area Inches:

  15 x 14.25 x 14.25

  Build Area MM:

  380mm x 360mm x 360mm


  Print Quality

  Layer Resolution: 25 Microns

  Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

  Nozzle Diameter: .40mm

  Minimum Feature Size: .20mm

  Maximum Extruder Temperature: 360c



  Frame: CNC Machined Al and SS

  Build Surface: Vesuvio Build Plate

  Linear Shaft: Ground, Chromed,
  Hardened 8mm

  Z-Axis Screw: Precision ACME

  Electronics: Azteeg X3


  Operating Environment

  Ambient Operating Temp:

  15-32C [60-90F]

  Storage Temperature:

  0-40c [32-104]

  Humidity: <50% Optimal



  Control: Repetier Host

  Slicing: Slic3r

  File Types: STL, OBJ

  OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

  Interface: USB, SD CARD



  Power: 100-240v, 50-50hz

  Current: 3600w w/ Heated Bed

  Voltage: 24v

  Plug: NEMA 15-5







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